A Fiendishly Tricky Spelling Quiz: Today in Critical Linking

To celebrate World Dictionary Day on 16 October 2016, we put together this fiendishly difficult spelling bee. Click PLAY in the box below, and you’ll be given 50 English words, five of which are spelled incorrectly. You have just two minutes to select as many of the correctly spelled words as you can, but be careful—pick one misspelled word, and it’ll be game over… 

It’s Monday. The world is crazy. Let’s just play a dang-hard spelling challenge.

But beyond the violence committed by its readers, The Turner Diaries was also the seed of significant shift in white-nationalist ideology and recruitment, the effects of which are increasingly relevant today. 

Is a science fiction novel in part responsible for the rise of alt-right ideology? Here’s a case that it is. 

“Dear Members of the Swedish Academy, For the Nobel Prize in Literature I propose
Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan is a American Bard & minstrel of XX Century, whose words have influenced many generations throughout the world. He deserves a Nobel Prize in recognition of his mighty & universal poetic powers”
Allen Ginsberg

Ginsberg wrote the above letter to The Nobel Committee twenty years ago. Always ahead of his time, that Ginsberg.

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