Read a Book to the Barber, Get a Deal on Your Cut: Today in Critical Linking

Jozef came for the mohawk, but his dad, Keith Jason, chose this barbershop over all the others in Ypsilanti — a working-class town just outside Ann Arbor, Mich. — for a different reason. At the Fuller Cut, kids get a $2 discount if they read a book aloud to their barber.

The discount-haircut-if-you-read-a-book is the most delightfully surprising book trend of 2016.

The Vietnamese-American writer Viet Thanh Nguyen’s Pulitzer prize-winning novel The Sympathizer has won the Dayton literary peace prize, a unique award that “celebrates the power of literature to promote peace, social justice and global understanding”.

This is a big award. Add this to his Pulitzer win, and I think we are going to be hearing from Nguyen for a long time to come.

Parker’s role at the imprint, titled SJP, will be editorial director and she will help find, edit and publish three to four novels per year.

She told the newspaper: “I have always loved to read for the same reason I love to act, which is that other people’s stories are more interesting to me than my own.” She did not reveal much about what she will be looking for part from “great voices” and “global stories”.

My exact desired level of fame is to be just famous enough to have my own small imprint with a major house. Sarah Jessica Parker is more famous than that, but still putting it to enviable use.

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