The 50 Best Libraries In The United States and More Critical Linking

The 50 Best Libraries In The United States

Title says it all, and it is totally worth the irritating slideshow format.


Can you name the novel when given 3 words that can’t be from the title or author/character names?
I got all but four, and the four I missed I had just on the tip of my tongue. How ’bout you?


And if it sounds like I’m making a sales pitch, I am: for hundreds of free books, available to read on the device of your choosing. Entry-level Kindle, budget smartphone, or latest, fanciest iPad—most all will accommodate the range of formats available in our collection of 800 Free eBooks.

Can you freely download the latest New York Times bestsellers? Not here, and I’d hope—for the sake of those hard-working writers—that you’d pay to read new releases. Can you carry along with you on your next business trip or vacation the works of Aristotle and Freud, several novels by Jane Austen and Joseph Conrad, the masterworks of Hegel, Hume, and Kant, the complete Shakespeare, and Proust’s multi-volume À la recherche du temps perdu? Quite easily.

Get your free classic ebook reading on with this massive list of 800.


A mining town in the middle of Australia known as the “opal capital of the world,” Coober Pedy is one of the strangest towns in the world. With it’s impossibly high temperatures, this town is completely underground because residents can’t live on the surface.

Yet there is a bookstore. In the ultimate illustration of the perseverance of bookstores, Underground Books, is, as its name suggests, a bookstore built underground. It’s not only the only bookstore Coober Pedy, but also the only bookstore for hundreds and hundreds of miles in any direction in this remote region of the country.

This guy’s project of doing bookstore art is awesome, but the stories of these hard-to-reach bookstores is as awesome.

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