Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Moving Into a Secret Bathroomless Library In the Woods

The Hemmelig Rom is amazing, there’s no way around it.


All photos from SMITH Design

It’s got everything, right? The developer describes its “warm, silent interior library,” and I’m already preparing myself for a fainting spell, but then they add 2,500 books, which I’m encouraged to leave a private message in, and a cast-iron stove that’s gonna be gently crackling while I figure out what sort of weird private messages to leave, and there’s even a desk and a (pretty uncomfortable looking) chair to sit in while I’m writing said weird private messages, and I’m like, “Yep, we’re all covhemmelig-rom-library-house-4ered.”

But that’s not all! :game show voice: The cabin is made from red oak milled right on the property it was built on? Get out! And it “recedes into the surrounding forest during certain seasons and lighting conditions” – hello! Did I mention that the name “Hemmelig Rom” translates to “Secret Room”? Swoon!



hemmelig-rom-library-house-3 And a super cozy looking bed and that freaking window, hot damn! Let’s all move into this library/room/cottage except separately, you know, because privacy?

What more could a book nerd possibly need? Well, besides a bathroom. My hope is that the developers just didn’t add pics of the boring bathroom closet to their incredible photos. Otherwise, you know, I guess y’all better BYOB (bring-your-own-bucket).

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