Book Fetish: Volume 224

This week’s Book Fetish is sponsored by What the Dickens?! by Bryan Kozlowski

Dickens penned close to five million words in his lifetime and possessed a vocabulary as wide and whimsical as his imagination.Culled from his fifteen classic novels and hundreds of short stories, What the Dickens?! is a literary romp through the twisty alleyways of the Victorian vernacular. Following the etymological trail of “fogle-hunters” in Oliver Twist, dining at a “slap-bang” in Bleak House, or taking care not to get “burked” in The Pickwick Papers, readers will be escorted through a linguistic tour of Dickens’s beloved world. The book will include 200 words alongside pithy commentary, and 30 duo-toned illustrations throughout.

Pippi Longstocking Watch: Part of their fairy-tale inspired line, Swatch has released a double wrapped watch to match the long pigtail braids of the famous ginger heroine.

Harry Potter Owl Shirt: You know Hedwig always wanted a Gryffindor scarf of her own.

Book Lover Totebag: Kinky.

Book Lamp: Is it a book? Is it a lamp? No! It’s a book lamp!

Bookshelf Shower Curtain: I know I’m not the only one that’s taken a book into the shower. But when your bathroom looks like a library, that’s not so weird anymore.

Rachel Manwill: Rachel Manwill is an editor, writer, and professional nomad. Twice a year, she runs the #24in48 readathon, during which she does almost no reading. She's always looking for an excuse to recommend a book, whether you ask her for one or not. When she's not ranting about comma usage for her day job as a corporate editor, she's usually got an audiobook in her ears and a puppy in her lap. Blog: A Home Between Pages Twitter: @rachelmanwill