10 Woefully Underused English Words: Today in Critical Linking

As part of its initiative to draw attention to some of the English language’s most expressive — yet regrettably neglected — words, Wayne State University has released its annual list of the year’s top 10 words that deserve to be used more often in conversation and prose.

Let us all make a pact to use sockdolager and absquatulate and the rest of these about 100x more often.


They found that the homophones activated different groups of neurons in the rear temporal lobe—an observation that suggests separate visual “entries” for the words. The same group of neurons would have lit up if the brain was sounding the homophones out.

I guess I thought it was obvious that people who read fast aren’t sounding every word out in their head, but I guess there has been some debate.

“Starr-Starr, you do whatever they tell you to do,” he said. “Keep your hands visible. Don’t make any sudden moves. Only speak when they speak to you.”

An excerpt of The Hate U Give was published online yesterday, and I think it is going to be one of the most talked-about books of 2017.

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