The One Where We Use FRIENDS Titles to Explain Books

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine had one of those moments where the most obvious of book titles wasn’t coming to her. We were talking about female authors with male pseudonyms, and she went ‘you know, the one with the river… and the inappropriate siblings!’

I might’ve laughed more than I needed to, because all I could think about was Rachel and Danny… and his ‘inappropriate sister’; NOT The Mill on the Floss, like normal people.


Started from the bottom, now we here.
I present to you 9 books explained through FRIENDS episode titles.

1. ‘Both of them are here? Both of them? Both of them are here?’

2. Christian Grey meets Ms Chanandler Bong.


3. Presented without comment.

4. Science Boy versus Bruce Wayne

5. Aah, Joey and Rachel.

6.  I had to do this, despite my Jane Eyre-love.

7.  May the Potterverse forgive me.

8. ‘Salmon skin roll!’

9. Janice: Come on, over the years none of you ever… y’know, got drunk and stupid?

Hit me with your best ones, people!

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