A 4-minute Vocabulary Test: Today in Critical Linking

Critical Linking is sponsored today by Spontaneous by Aaron Starmer:


The test takes about 4 minutes and you can repeat the test as often as you want (you will get new letter sequences each time).

Test your vocabulary (and participate in a scientific study about language) in this simple, but not easy, word recognition test.

Forty years later, it is an honor to be nominated by President Obama and confirmed by the United States Senate to lead one of the greatest institutions of our nation, and of the world. I am truly grateful and humbled  by this selection.

Read the full-text of Carla Hayden’s speech at her inauguration as the new Librarian of Congress.

And here’s a startling statistic: collectively, the selection group spends more than 10,000 hours reading more than 4,000 books every year. So this is an enormous undertaking, to state the obvious.

Ever wonder how the books get picked for those book fairs at schools? It ain’t easy.

Bundle (up) with bookish leggings + 2 pairs of socks for $30 and spend the snuggly season in literary style.