9 Groundbreaking YA Novels: Today in Critical Linking

In the complete dismissal of an entire catalog of books, Nutt and those like him have missed out on some of the incredible stories that have filled shelves since the start of the millennium, many of which I’ve attempted to capture below.

There’s another round of YA-bashing going around the internet, but at least it has spawned good responses like this list of 9 Groundbreaking YA Novels.

Amazon this morning rolled out another perk for subscribers to its Amazon Prime membership program: free access to Audible’s short-form digital programming called Audible Channels, as well as a selection of free audiobooks. Amazon says members will have access to a rotating selection of over 50 audiobooks from Audible’s catalog.

This makes so much more sense than making Audible Channels only available to current Audible subscribers.

Ms. Shriver donned a sombrero for much of her speech — an allusion to a case in the United States in which non-Mexican student government members were impeached for doing the same during a fiesta-themed tequila party at Bowdoin College.

Lionel Shriver advocated for cultural appropriation while wearing a sombrero. You can’t make this up.

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