Bookstagram Accounts for Dog Lovers

Yes, we all know that both books and dogs are immensely popular subjects on Instagram. And I follow A LOT of those dogs and bookstagrammers. Sometimes a bookstagrammer will post a picture of their dog, or a dog(‘s human/social media manager) will post a picture with a book, and those are absolute treasures. I mean, if bookstagram and instadog accounts were organized in a venn diagram, who wouldn’t want all the stuff from the overlap section? Look no further! Here are some magical accounts dedicated to that overlap for all the dog-loving book nerds out there!


1. ouija.doodle.reads

The gorgeous photos on this account feature Ouija, a young golden doodle with fluff to die for.


2. dog_earedbookreviews

Ellis reviews and recommends books for your next read!


3. dogearedtails

This account features a canine tag team duo, Sadie (the cockapoo) and Sparky (the Westie).


4. dogbookclub

Photos from all around Instagram that use the hashtag #dogbookclub are featured on this account.

A photo posted by #dogbookclub (@dogbookclub) on

A photo posted by #dogbookclub (@dogbookclub) on


5. petsandpaperbacks

Another account featuring photos from throughout the site, but this one includes ALL pets, not just dogs.

A photo posted by @petsandpaperbacks on

A photo posted by @petsandpaperbacks on

A photo posted by @petsandpaperbacks on

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Patricia Thang: With too many interests to keep track of, Patricia Thang is a free spirit who has dabbled in science, nonprofit, property management, and who knows what next. Books have always been a part of the picture too, though not in a professional sense (...yet?). She is a Los Angeles native through-and-through, though she did a short-but-sweet stint in Pittsburgh for school, and dreams of living in Tokyo, where her parents are from. Most of the time, she can be found with her nose in a book, her ears in headphones, or her arms around her beloved dog, Sean. Twitter: @aintnopthang