$500 To Spend on Books for Your 18th Birthday?: Today in Critical Linking

In a move designed to remind young people that culture can enrich one’s life and bring people together, Italian citizens are to get a €500 (£430) ‘culture bonus’ on their 18th birthday. The initiative launches on 15 September, and the bonus can be spent on books, concerts tickets, theatre tickets, cinema tickets, museum visits and trips to national parks.

Just imagine if your government gave you $500 bucks to spend on culture when you turned 18.


Who wins the Nobel Prize in Literature 2016?

Murakami has the best odds to win.

Tinseltown sources say that Warner Bros. is interested in bringing the West End play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” to the silver screen as soon as 2020. Though whether or not the film’s 27-year-old star will don his round glasses again is anyone’s guess.

I’m on the record as basically liking Cursed Child, but boy do I not want a movie of it.

Books in the Nick was dreamed up by Metropolitan police special constable Steve Whitmore, after he arrested an 18-year-old on suspicion of assault and possession of drugs earlier this year. The teenager asked Whitmore if he could borrow a book to read while he was in custody, but the special constable could not find anything that would have been of interest to the young man.

This, as they say across the pond, is smashing.

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