4 Bookish Apps That NEED to Exist: Today in Critical Linking

And while a few of those reading apps cater to niche communities, like comic book lovers and the like, where are the apps specifically designed for readers of YA? We’ve dreamed up a few, and yes, I’m currently seeking some investors for these bold new ideas.

I know these Four Bookish Apps that Need To Exist is mostly a gag, but I would use PaperHacker.

We wanted to give some of our most thoughtful and articulate citizens—poets and writers—a chance to offer their perspective. Because, as former U.S. poet laureate Rita Dove remarked, “Our nation needs to learn to value its independent writers and artists as the heralds of a richly textured, inclusive national identity.”

50 writers and poets offer messages for the next President.

A Quiet Passion’s trailer’s here –
It looks like Lots of Fun –
Cyntha Nixon plays the Lead –
Emily Dickinson.

A biopic of Emily Dickinson. Didn’t see that one coming.

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