The Working Titles of Famous Novels and More Critical Linking

So there you have it, next time you have an indecisive moment, remember that F Scott Fitzgerald came close to calling his quintessential jazz age novel The Great Gatsby the altogether clunkier Trimalchio in West Egg. 

A nice infographic of the working titles of now-renamed classics we are all familiar with.


If we told you that over the past eight years, 364 titles have contained “girl,” with four more set to come out in 2017, would that qualify as extensive? What if we told you that, in 2009, only one book with the word “girl” in the title appeared, but in 2011, there were 48? How about the fact that the number would jump 63% in the next five years to 79 titles?

I’ve been waiting for someone to crunch numbers on this, and here it is. I’m not a fan of the “Girl” title trend but it won’t be slowing down any time soon.


Virgin Atlantic’s Matt Webster said: “We were instantly charmed by Stephen’s endearing book, as well as the story behind it, and felt it would be a great hit with families on night-time flights. It was the icing on the cake that Stephen is based in Haywards Heath, just around the corner from Virgin Atlantic’s HQ; we always like to support up-and-coming local talent where we can.”

If the initiative is popular, Holmes hopes Virgin will roll it out to the wider fleet. He’s now keen to find an agent and a publisher, to give the book a wider audience and to continue writing.

You know, why don’t more airlines offer something like this? At a bulk rate, paperbacks wouldn’t run much more than the in-flight magazines do. What a fantastic idea — and how lucky for Holmes!



The author often gets asked about what her characters are doing now, and though she doesn’t have any hard answers, she is willing to speculate. She told The Washington Post in 2010 that Kristy is likely a politician or a CEO, while Mary Anne decided to become a teacher; Stacey works in fashion and business and Claudia in art (obviously). Jessi is a dancer, and Dawn is a permanent California girl—but Martin isn’t sure what Mallory would be up to. Maybe, she speculated, she would go on to write a series of books for children.

In honor of the Baby-Sitters Club turning 30 this year, 15 facts about the series. I knew some, but not all, of these.

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