The Most Beautiful Library in All Fifty States and More Critical Linking

Libraries are timeless treasures.

Even as pulpy paperbacks get swapped out for electronic ink, we still crave a physical space where we can surround ourselves with knowledge. When done right, those spaces can be works of art.

To find the most beautiful libraries in each state, Tech Insider looked at past and current award-winners as judged by the American Institute of Architects and the American Library Association awards, and relied on our own judgment for states who have never won.

Make sure to give these a look on your next road trip.

Wow this is a fabulous round-up with a lot of not-so-obvious choices. I think I’ve only been to one or two of these libraries.


J.K. Rowling may be a Muggle (as far as we know), but she creates magic with the written word. Instead of a wand, she wields a pen, and in place of a Hogwarts education, she has years of voracious reading under her belt.

We’ve collected a list of books the beloved Harry Potter author has said inspired her as a child and as an adult. How many have you read?

May you be inspired to write a game-changing series of books, too.


It’s not always easy to fully develop new characters and plots with a small word count and interwoven theme, but when the author gets it right, it can be magical.

The short story books featured here do just that, each intriguing and entertaining in their own form.

I’m terrible at reading short stories, but this list is giving me reason to want to try.


We do not assume that you, dear upstanding reader, have ever stolen a book, or anything else. And yet, did you find anything on these lists surprising? (I thought Henry Miller might make the cut….) What books would you expect to see stolen often that didn’t appear? What about a list of “most borrowed” (and maybe never returned) books from friends/acquaintances/family/roommates? Let us know your thoughts below.

The most interesting part about this discussion of most stolen books are the observations of books stolen from bookstores vs those stolen from libraries.

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