The End of the Story for Harry Potter?: Today in Critical Linking

It’s an exciting weekend to be a Harry Potter fan, but it might also be a depressing one. Author J.K. Rowling has confirmed (or “confirmed,” as I’m gonna put it) that the story of our beloved Boy Who Lived has come to an end.

I haven’t read Cursed Child yet (it’s sitting right here), but mark me as skeptical that we’ve heard the last from Harry.

The books below, some of which date back well over a thousand years, are among the oldest known to have survived intact to modern times—and many of them are regularly on display.

I was surprised to find that I have seen three of these 10 Oldest Books in the World up close and personal.


The 52-page pamphlet printed by the National Center for Constitutional Studies sells for $1 and was in the Top 10 best-selling books on Amazon on Saturday afternoon.

I am really, really digging for silver linings during this election cycle.

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