8 Quaint American Bookstores To Get Lost In and More Critical Linking

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Despite what the internet might say, print isn’t dead! Spend a whole day getting lost in one of America’s coziest, quaintest bookstores– nothing beats the experience of leisurely browsing through shelves of paperbacks as you sip a coffee and soak in all the literary potential. 

I’ve been to two of these but wouldn’t mind seeing the other six. Nice round-up of well-known indies and some lesser-known ones.


We’ve seen some pretty incredible Harry Potter-themed home decor through the years. One artist created a gorgeous Deathly Hallows lampshade. An author painted the first page of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on her office wall. And now, parents Casey and Kaycee Daniel have created a magical HP-themed nursery for their 7-month-old son.

This is really impressive and neat to look at. (Is it wrong, though, to immediately wonder what if the kid doesn’t care about Harry Potter?)


Picking the right font for your Kindle or Nook can enhance your reading experience. Some fonts are easy on the eyes, some have a ton of personality, and some tell stories of their own. Here are some fonts the experts suggest for your devices.

Huh. I love the intersection of font nerdery meets readability meets technology.


Here’s how the campaign works: through August 31st, local booksellers are handing out stickers to their customers that say “Buch an Board!” (Book on Board). Just stick it on your suitcase and Condor will allow an extra kilo of weight in your hand luggage. You’ll be set for that lovely book-heavy holiday you’ve been looking forward to! All bookseller members of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association received stickers and window signs to promote the campaign.

Here’s one for every person who says they “solve” their holiday book selection problems with an ereader. Great promotion — wonder if it’ll catch on?


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