Inbox/Outbox: July 29, 2016

I spent a few days in Seattle this week (hello, Left Bank Books, you were very nice) and got a good bit of reading done on both coast-to-coast plane rides. Let’s jump in!

Inbox (Books Acquired)

swing timeSwing Time by Zadie Smith (November 15, Penguin Press)– I’ve actually never read Zadie Smith (I know, lower your pitchforks) and I think this is a good a place to start as any!

Dinosaurs on Other Planets by Danielle McLaughlin (August 9, Random House)–This new collection of short stories is compared to Alice Munro, and that’s pretty much all I need.


Outbox (Books Finished)

men explain things to meMen Explain Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit— A small collection of essays, the most well-known being about the phenomenon of mansplaining (when men explain things to women at length without ever considering the possibility that the woman already knows the information, or knows more). This is an everyday–and I mean every single day–part of my online experience, so reading this was part validation and part enraging (she goes into male entitlement and eventually gets to rape, the statistics around which are completely infuriating). A must-read primer for people new to feminism.

Saga Volume 5 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples — Continuing with this  (super violent, hilarious) space opera comic about a family torn apart by war and trying to find their way back together, and it continues to be weird and lovely and did I mention weird? It’s pretty weird.

In the Queue (What I’m Reading Next)

we show what we have learnedWe Show What We Have Learned by Clare Beams (October 25, Lookout Books) — Megan Mayhew Bergman (one of my favorite short story writers) blurbs this one and compares it to Margaret Atwood, which I am understanding more and more as I work through this collection. The stories are weird and otherworldy, feminist and angry.

Blackacre: Poems by Monica Youn
(September 6, Graywolf)– The last collection of poetry I loved was from Graywolf (Bestiary by Donika Kelly), so I squeed pretty hard when this showed up. “Blackacre” is a legal placeholder term for a hypothetical estate–intriguing, right?

That’s it for me! How was your week in reading?

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