Horseback Library Serves Indonesia’s Remote Readers and More Critical Linking

“The horse library!” children shriek, sprinting towards the mosque where Luna is tethered. Slung over her saddle are two handmade wooden boxes filled with books.

For many there, this unique mobile library is their only link to books. There is no traditional library nearby, and stores are miles away in big cities. It’s a problem for villages across the sprawling Indonesian archipelago.

Sururi, a 43-year-old professional horse groomer, devised a unique way to encourage reading in his district.

There is nothing about this story that doesn’t check all my boxes.


[C]oloring books for all ages have become more popular than ever, with about 12 million sold in the United States last year, according to new data from Nielsen BookScan. Only one million were sold in 2014.
The trend of more adults turning to coloring in an effort to de-stress has contributed to this rise.
But exactly what benefits — or potential disadvantages — does swapping out a beach read for a coloring book offer both children and adults alike? Some researchers agree that while coloring books may be beneficial for mindfulness and reducing stress, it’s probably better to draw instead of to color to boost creativity.
Maybe coloring books don’t boost creativity per se, but no one denies the fact that adults love them and get something from them.

It’s a story as old as time. Man tweets as bookstore. Woman falls in love with his literary Pokemon jokes. The inevitable next chapter: marriage.

Wait. What?

True story: I connected two people via a Twitter hashtag about librarians many years ago and they got married. These literary love stories make me so happy.


An all-female team leads the revamp of the popular Ghostbusters film, which premiered this week. Pop culture omnivores will want see more women engage in paranormal trapping, tricking, and barb-trading. Hand them some sunscreen and a stack of these backlist best bets.

Ladies taking down ghosts and other spookies. Here for it.

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