Quiz: Which Summer Book is Right For You?: Today in Critical Linking

Beat the heat with one of these cool new books.

Take this little quiz to see which new summer book is a match for you.

Even after controlling for variables such as party identification, gender, education level, age, evangelical self-identification and social-dominance orientation, the study found that the more Harry Potter books people read, the less inclined they were to support Trump’s candidacy.

I wonder if this would be true of any books, or whether there is something particular about Harry Potter.

“Anna Karenina”: “The One with the Train”

Titling famous books as if they were episodes of Friends.

Two days later the British voted for Brexit. I was in Northern Ireland, staying with my in-laws, two kindly, moderately conservative Northern Irish Protestants with whom I found myself, for the first time in our history, on the same side of a political issue. 

Zadie Smith on Brexit.

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