Could You Pass This 50-Question Bookstore Literature Quiz?: Today in Critical Linking

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The Strand Bookstore has included a literary matching quiz in its job application form since the 1970s. Here are some quizzes from years past. Can you match the authors and titles? Beware of trick questions.

So, do you know your literature well enough to work at The Strand?

Forget Amazon drones. A new start-up is promising book delivery within the hour.

Cool to see a start-up partner with independent bookstores, but is there really demand for getting books this fast?

In the last 15 years, women and women of color have come into the field in unprecedented numbers. But what this means is that we’re in a full flowering of potential for science fiction because we’re getting science fiction from so many different kinds of voices. So what this era will be remembered for is that.

Good interview with Ann and Jeff VanderMeer about the state of science fiction.


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