20 Books to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: Today in Critical Llinking

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Many of these books are lifelines that have kept me on top of my game as I navigate the entrepreneurial space and juggle a happy marriage and parenting. While not an exhaustive list, it covers what I would consider the best, most popular, and most influential books on emotional intelligence.

There may or may not be a political event happening that could use a heavy dose of this list of 20 Books to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence.

A story from Ursula K Le Guin’s world of Earthsea that has never been published in print before is due to be released to mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of her classic fantasy novel, The Wizard of Earthsea.

Someday, we are all going to talk about how we were alive at the same time as Ursula K. Le Guin.

Ten recent essays by young women who are tackling issues of race, gender, and class head-on.

I see fewer lists of essays than I would expect, so this one on intersectional women’s writing is especially welcome.

So this month, we’ve enlisted the help of real live humans to pair books with movies, musicals, TV, comics, podcasts and more.

Another installment of NPR’s entertaining (and accurate) book to non-book recommendation omnibus.

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