The New Librarian of Congress is the First Woman and Person of Color to Have the Job: Today in Critical Linking

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The Senate on Wednesday approved Carla Hayden to be the next librarian of Congress, making her the first black woman to hold the job. 


Over the past ten years, the National Endowment for the Arts has supported more than 1,200 NEA Big Read projects across the country, with 4.2 million Americans taking part in these innovative community-wide programs that each explore a single book. In celebration of the initiative’s 10th anniversary, the NEA is announcing a new focus for the NEA Big Read library on contemporary authors and books written since the founding of the NEA 50 years ago.

It is an extremely interesting list, for sure.

Book Garden, in Bountiful, Utah, is a Poké Stop, and Tonya Youngbird, a bookseller at the store, said she’s seen a spike in the number of families and groups stopping by the store. This has meant a spike in book sales. “We have lots of people coming in with their kids and getting their Pokéballs,” she said. “Once they’re in the store, they browse and realize we have a lot [of things] they didn’t know we have.”

Sometimes, the universe gives you a gift. Don’t question it, just go with it.