6 Reading Rules We Would Never Follow As Adults: Today in Critical Linking

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How many of the things we do to students would we never put up with ourselves?  In our quest to create lifelong readers, we seem to be missing some very basic truths about what makes a reader.  So what are the rules we would probably not always follow ourselves?

These 6 Rules for Students About Reading We Would Never Follow Ourselves is a clever, clear way of talking about teaching reading.


This meant that for decades, behind the stacks, meals were cooked, baths and showers were taken, and bedtime stories were read. And yes, families living in the city’s libraries typically did have access to the stacks at night—an added bonus if they happened to need a new bedtime book after hours.

I really feel like there is a Dickensian/magical realism novel to be written about this. 

The official launch comes with a smorgasbord of new curated collections and shows (you can view the whole current list here). Audible is also kicking off several original shows with the launch of Channels in addition to Presidents Are People, including a show on breasts (in science and society), a series hosted by Jon Ronson, and another hosted by writer Ashley C. Ford featuring transgender activist Janet Mock in its first episode. Collaborations with other publishers are also in the works (no details yet).

Audible: not just for audiobooks anymore.

All of the feedback to that Times article has been hard to read, particularly in regard to Octavia Butler. When I was asked my influences I directed the Times reporter to a blog entry I had done a couple weeks earlier, which specifically highlighted Kindred. It breaks my heart that people think I am ignoring Butler, or ignorant of her work, or just plain ignorant.

Ben Winters is trying to make sure that everyone knows that he knows and respects the work of Octavia Butler, as he enters the world of using science fiction to write about race.

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