6 Books to Read if You Love Smart, Fierce Women: Today in Critical Linking

Need to power through the rest of your week? The heroines in these riveting stories win you over with their courage, strength and refusal to give up.

This list of 6 Books to Read if You Love Fierce, Smart Women seems like a good way to end the week.

The name Make Me a World reflects Myers’s vision: to publish a selection of books that open up new worlds, possibilities, and pathways for young readers of all ages. Myers is focused on bringing voices of diverse thinkers and artists from all walks of life to his list—including filmmakers, musicians, playwrights, painters, writers, astronomers, architects, and more, and individuals who have redrawn the boundaries of their own lives and forged new paths.

New children’s imprint from Random House and Christopher Myers. 

Libraries are now open on Saturdays, and in some cases, Sundays, too. At the Queens Library, which has 65 locations, more than 765,000 people visited on Saturdays alone from last November to May. Library officials have hired another 129 staff members and spent more than $2.6 million on new books, including e-books and periodicals.

A very real surge in resources and patronage in the New York City library system.

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