The Great Second-Half of 2016 Books Preview: Today in Critical Linking

While it’s true that no single list could ever have everything worth reading, we think this one —  at 9,000 words and 92 titles — is the only 2016 second-half book preview you’ll need. 

The Millions’ semi-annual book preview is always worth a look.


Novels, memoirs, fairy tales and biographies have long served as source material for Broadway, and in some cases–Cats and The Phantom of the Opera are two prominent examples–the show’s appeal far outshines that of the book.

The publishing-to-Broadway pipeline is a powerful, longstanding one.

My subject is literature. For me, the prison was a new and compelling place for me to talk about books I love with people I wouldn’t otherwise get to know. I had no religious or political agenda, no cause to promote, no desire to liberate or enlighten. Nor was I interested in race, crime, power, or the politics of incarceration, although these subjects, among others, sometimes came up. 

What is it like to run a book club in a prison?

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