6 Psychology Books That Answer the Big Questions: Today in Critical Linking

To understand how your mind works and how you can improve your decision-making, explore these six psychology and behavioral economics books, each one recommended by a TED Talks speaker.

These 6 Books to Answer the Big Questions About Yourself are like self-improvement books that know their way around a pivot table.

His right shoulder thrusts out as he makes the pinched-finger mudra with downswinging arm. His trademark double-eye squint evokes that group of beanie-hatted street-tough Munchkin kids; you expect him to kick gruffly at an imaginary stone. In person, his autocratic streak is presentationally complicated by a Ralph Kramdenesque vulnerability.

George Saunders on Trump is a revelation.

Unfortunately, Rowling picked a repressive mold from the Victoria era. To uncritically promulgate this 19th-century view of the world is hardly benign, and saying it’s β€œjust a kid’s story” is to willfully refuse to acknowledge the violence wrought by colonialism on the lands and peoples it plundered, not to mention the legacy of the economic and social disparities left in its wake.

Rowling’s wizard-world of North America has some troubling issues.

Starting with no money besides the meager sum in his savings account, the librarian had recruited a loyal circle of volunteers, badgered and shamed the international community into funding the scheme, raised $1 million, and hired hundreds of amateur smugglers in Timbuktu and beyond. Their goal? Save books.

Great story about saving the irreplaceable books in a library under duress.

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