Book Vending Machines to Serve “Book Deserts” in Detroit: Today in Critical Linking

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The program is expanding to Detroit with five book vending machines. The machines will be installed at locations across the city and provide free books to kids living in “book deserts,” or areas where they have limited access to buy age-appropriate books.

Best use I have seen yet of book vending machines.

This lack of knowledge leads to plenty of confusion for writers when they do sell a book. Are they selling well? What constitutes good sales? Should they start freaking out when their first $0.00 royalty check comes in?

Very useful, clear overview of a complicated, opaque subject: book sales.

Lazarus’s “New Colossus,” with its memorable appeal to “give me your tired, your poor,” was commissioned for a fund-raising campaign by artists and writers to pay for the statue’s pedestal.

Read the story of how the Statue of Liberty got its famous poem.

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