12 Outdoor Bookshelves For Reading Al Fresco

Last month, as the weather warmed up, we wrote a piece featuring several beautiful outdoor reading nooks.

But as I’ve been setting up my own outdoor reading nook, I’ve discovered something — those nooks were missing a place to store  books!

Not everyone likes to store books outdoors, and for good reason. Still, I need a place to store my reading material when I’m outside. I looked high and low, and found some neat outdoor shelves for your summer reading pleasure.

For example, there is this book porch.



And this outdoor reading nook with an included tree-shelf.



Sure, this picket fence shelf is being used for plants, but with a few mods, it could be a handy book shelf for a garden reading nook.

picket fence book shelf


This TARDIS-blue shelf made from old shutters, which I need.

shutters repurposed bookshelf


This door-turned-bookshelf (from the same upcycler).

door repurposed into bookshelf[7]


This outdoor shelf anyone can make.

cinderblock bookshelf


This pallet-turned-exhibit shelf.

pallet exhibit shelf


Or this much-more-advanced pallet shelf.

diy pallet bookshelf


Okay, but real talk. It can be impractical to store books outside, because of rain, and also, no one wants to find a wolf spider in their favorite book. So, you might want to take a page out of the books of the Little Free Libraries, which often have glass cupboard doors to keep out the elements.

garden bookshelf with doors


Or you can repurpose an old screen door for an on-porch bookshelf.

screendoor bookshelf



Maybe you don’t want to keep your books outside. Maybe you want to bring just one book out at a time. If that’s the case, this heating grate-turned-magazine rack is great for holding just one book when you want to read on the porch but then need to bring the book in later.

upcycled magazine rack for porch


And this DIY magazine rack is made from the porch itself.

porch trim magazine rack


So what are your plans for reading outdoors this summer? Do you mind storing your books outside? Do you just bring one book outdoors at a time? Are you bringing bookishness outside? Let us know in the comments.

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