49 Underrated Books You Need to Read: Today in Critical Linking

Under-read, overlooked, and forgotten books that everyone will love.

It’s a bit of a contradiction to crowd-source a list of 49 Underrated Books, but it’s an interesting experiment nonetheless.

The new Kindle will be available in black and white color options and will be the first Kindle with built-in Bluetooth audio support, a design feature aimed at helping the visually impaired.

It’s often overlooked the great gains in accessibility made possible by digital books, and so I am glad to see Amazon including it on affordable Kindle models.

Oxford commas are the world’s most controversial punctuation mark — but where did they come from? 

Smart video on an evergreen controversy.

But the salesman said, “You understand, don’t you, that we can’t sell this book on the same side of the street,” by which he meant, it’s a book about African-Americans and they will buy it—or not—but we can’t sell it to the regular bookstores, which cater principally to white purchasers.

Fascinating, wide-ranging interview with Toni Morrison.



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