The List List #17: If You Liked BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR, Try These Comics

This post originally appeared on Panels, which is now Book Riot Comics

Our weekly roundup of the best comics-ish lists floating around the Internet.

from ComicsAlliance, 12 Facts You May Not Have Known about Steven Universe

from Outer Places, 11 New Character Posters Unveiled for Suicide Squad

from MoviePilot, 5 More Marvel Comics Characters that Need Screen Time

from IGN, Top Comics to Buy this Week: 6/22/2016

from, 5 Reasons the DC Films Universe Still Has the Potential to Rival the Marvel Cinematic Universe

from EpicStream, 12 Fascinating Japanese Adaptations of American Superheroes

from Comics Alliance, If You Liked Blue Is the Warmest Color, Try These Comics

from MovieWeb, 7 Ways the Captain America Hydra Twist Crushes any Marvel Movie

from MoviePilot, 7 Comic Book Buddy Duos We Need to See On Screen

from WhatCulture, 12 Superheroes Ranked By Science (from Lame to Awesome)

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