The 65 Most Influential American Books: Today in Critical Linking

The volumes featured in the “America Reads” exhibition do not necessarily represent the best in American letters, nor do they speak to the diversity of our nation and the books it produces. In other words, the selections are not definitive or all-encompassing. But as with the 2012 exhibition, “America Reads” is intended to jump-start new conversations about the most influential books written in America and what they mean to people.

Well, if you want to jumpstart a conversation, this list of The 65 Most Influential American Books is sure one way to go.


Dan Brown, whose hero Robert Langdon is able to crack ancient codes with ease, has donated €300,000 (£237,000) to the Dutch library whose priceless collection of antique manuscripts helped inspire his bestselling thrillers.

The selfish part of me hopes that this helps him write more books.

Even on the brink of closing, Barnes & Noble still accounts for as much as 30 percent of all sales for some publishing houses.

Still a huge player. Ailing, but huge.

The $500,000 includes not only cash for charities but also the cost of building and stocking 18 libraries with books at preschools, child care centers, community centers and education nonprofits in the city’s low-income areas.

Michael Jordan spearheading a major literacy initiative in Charlotte.

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