The Week’s Most Popular Posts: June 13 – 17, 2016

Let’s look back at the most popular posts this week on Book Riot:

Romance is my favorite literary genre. I read 4-6 a month. But here’s a list of things I’d like to see receding in my reading rear-view mirror:

  1. Building up the heroine by tearing down other women. This typically involves comparing her favorably to either the hero’s ex or his faceless army of sexual conquests. When her positive attributes only show up against the backdrop of all the lying, gold digging, narcissistic, and promiscuous women he’s ever known, I learn a lot more about him than her. As a reader, I’m more interested in why this particular woman is special to this particular man.

from It’s Not You, It’s Me: Nine Things I’m So Over in Romance Novels by Jessica Tripler


Middle grade books (geared toward 8-12 year olds, but awesome for teens and adults, too) contain the best stories, which makes me thrilled to introduce this year’s must-read middle grade summer reading list. We’ve got funny books, quirky books, adventurous books, thoughtful books – over fifty recommendations for reluctant or voracious readers alike.

from The Essential Middle Grade Summer Reading List by Karina Glaser


There are so many fun bookmarks floating about that I thought it would be fun to round-up fifty great ones so you can start, build upon, or even gift a collection of fun, quirky reading tools. I’m purposefully avoiding any licensed/trademarked product bookmarks, since often the “generic” bookmarks are the ones that can be the most fun or meaningful.

from 50 Nifty Bookmarks You Need in Your Life by Kelly Jensen


I could fill a book with the number of bizarre and/or frustratingly persistent questions I’ve been asked in my nearly 5 years of working in a public library, ranging from “Should I have a doctor look at this rash?” to “Do you work here?” when I’m clearly sitting behind a service desk with a name tag. But the question that irks me the most is an extremely common one: “Wow, you work at a library.  Do you just spend all your time reading?”

from Librarians Don’t Read All Day by Katie McLain


But no more! I resolved this year to read more of the classics (as they are generally understood). Enter Serial Reader, an app that has been a godsend, allowing me to fit in daily installments of classic literature and literary fiction that are sent to my iPhone every morning without having to abandon my more contemporary reading interests.

from Serial App Lets You Conquer The Classics in 10 Minutes a Day by Kareem Shaheen


While we chatted, a group of Syrian kids studying Turkish at a local school stopped by for a tour. They said they felt like they were back in Syria. One of them asked Kadri to stock more astronomy books, because he was fascinated by space.

“We made this place for you,” he told them.“It’s a place that you can always come to.”

Most of the books here are in Arabic, translations from a myriad genres, from The Da Vinci Code to 20th century Russian literature to treatises on Syrian history and the rise of its working class. Young Syrians comb over the volumes, Kurds and Turks learning Arabic sit down for coffee with newfound Syrian friends, and evening ‘ud performances and film showings bring together members of the diaspora.

from An Istanbul Bookstore Made By a Refugee for Refugees by Kareem Shaheen


For those of you who aren’t in the know yet, Bookstagram is the place on Instagram where book lovers and those obsessed with — I mean, who enjoy — photographing and sharing their love of books and/or reading lives. I myself only discovered it recently, and have loved getting to be a part of the online bookish community by posting pictures of the things I love most. And one of the best ways to do this? Bookstagram photo challenges!

from The Joys of Bookstagram Challenges by Sharanya Sharma

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