10 Books To Help You Unwind After a Long Day: Today in Critical Linking

So draw yourself a warm bath, pour yourself a huge glass of wine, order your favorite take-out meal, and sink into one of these great reads. Really, you’ve been working so hard. You deserve this.

It’s Friday, so here’s a list of 10 Books to Help You Unwind After a Long Day.


With the increase in April, bookstore sales have risen every month this year compared to 2015. And, for the first four months of 2016, bookstore sales increased 6.8%, to $3.84 billion, over the comparable period in 2015.

Bookstores continue to stage a comeback.

The modern line break is like the medieval punctus — an all-purpose piece of punctuation that inserts pauses wherever we’re feeling it. And the period has gained expressive powers after it was laid off from its job marking the ends of sentences. Now it’s an icy flourish we deploy against frenemies and exes.

The time of the period seems to be coming to an end.

Winnie the Pooh creator AA Milne will be played by Domhnall Gleeson in a new movie, with Margot Robbie as his wife.

Writer biopics never seem to do particularly well, but we keep making them.

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