50 Nifty Bookmarks You Need In Your Life

50 nifty bookmarks

I believe in the dog earred page (for your own books, not those that belong to other people), but I know this is a really controversial stance in the book world. Despite that, I’m also a big bookmark fan. That may be in part due to the fact I borrow a lot of books from the library.

I’ve been using the same bookmark for 7 or 8 years now. It was gifted to me from a boss/professor I had in graduate school after a trip she went on to Tasmania. It holds a lot of value in my life because she knew how much I love Tasmania, which is a fascination I found after — drum roll — reading a book. The bookmark is awesome and still smells of the wood from which it was made, even this many years later.

There are so many fun bookmarks floating about that I thought it would be fun to round-up fifty great ones so you can start, build upon, or even gift a collection of fun, quirky reading tools. I’m purposefully avoiding any licensed/trademarked product bookmarks, since often the “generic” bookmarks are the ones that can be the most fun or meaningful.

Rather than offer up a length description for each, I’m categorizing the bookmarks by price point, with links beneath each to the place where they can be purchased. So yes, this is a post of 50 bookmarks that you can just drool over without having to read anything but this introduction. Of course, prices can vary and may be available at a different cost at a different site. A lot of these shops have multiple cute bookmarks to check out beyond the ones linked here.

Ready? Let’s get book(mark)ed.


Price Point: $0 – $5


READ Scrabble Bookmarks


Magnetic Scrabble tiles


hand bookmark


Hand bookmarks


ampersand bookmark


Ampersand bookmark


magnetic woodland clips

Woodland creature magnetic clips


bacon bookmark


Cooked bacon


milk and cookies bookmark

Magnetic milk and cookies


go away I'm reading


Penguin Classics style bookmarks


honeybee bookmark


Watercolor honeybee


rainbow magnet


Magnetic patterned clip


robot bookmarks





Price Point: $5 – $10

fingerprint bookmark


Fingerprint marker


snail bookmarks


Snail clipmarks


I'm reading this bookmarks


Yes, I’m Actually Reading This Bookmarks


lightmark bookmark




zipper bookmark

Zip it up


crazy cat bookmarks


Crazy rock cats


dead mark


Running man

mars sticky page marks

Mars pagemarkers


@ bookmark

@ bookmark


gnome bookmark


Gnome bookmark



cassette tape bookmarks


Cassette tape bookmarks



lucky sprout bookmarks


Four leaf clovers


croc bookmark



whale bookmark


Whale of a Tale


turtle bookmark


Metal turtle


read more bookmark


Read More





Sprout marks


kawaii steel bookmarks


Kawaii cute steel clips


mark my time


Mark my time


shirt collar bookmark


Shirt Collar Bookmark


brb bookmark


Be Right Back


Price Point: $10 – $15

hippo bookmark




typewriter key bookmark


Typewriter typebar bookmark


london bookmarks


Magnetic London images


great book bookmarks


Word nerds


metal cat bookmark


Cats and stacks


jaguar bookmark


Furry jaguar


one more chapter bookmark


One more chapter spoonmark


Price Point: $15 – $20


have your cake bookmark


Have your cake bookmark

red bird bookmark


Red Metal Bird


woodcut bookmark


Woodcut bookmark


galaxy bookmark


Galaxy bookmark


metal glasses


Reading glasses


tongue bookmark


Tongue bookmark




Price Point: Over $20…some REALLY over that, for you fancy pants out there!


bookmark fox





cat butt bookmark

Customizable cat butt bookmark


ship bookmark


Boat bookmark


liquid bookmarks


Liquid silicon bookmarks


mouse bookmark


Mouse bookmark


cherry blossom silver bookmark


Hand-cut silver cherry blossoms


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