14 Classics That Were Unappreciated in Their Own Time: Today in Critical Linking

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We’ve assembled a list of fourteen works that were criminally undervalued then, but are now legendary classics. See if any surprise you.

I knew some of these 14 Classic Books That Were Unappreciated in Their Own Time like Moby Dick and Their Eyes Were Watching God, but did not know that Heart of Darkness and Brave New World were mostly dismissed.

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It’s not clear whether or when Mx. will catch on in the US. The timeline for such developments can be long, as the title Ms. taught us not all that long ago. Coined in 1901, the now-commonplace Ms. wasn’t fully adopted by The New York Times until 1986. Mx. seems to be moving more rapidly—it was added to Merriam-Webster Unabridged in April 2016.

This got me thinking about how bizarre it is that we still use honorifics at all. Feels weirdly 19th Century.

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