The 10 Most Exciting Fiction Books of the Summer: Today in Critical Linking

Friendship in Brooklyn, revolution in Cairo, intrigue in Belgravia–and a multiple-choice exam. They’re all to be found in this summer’s new fiction.

I am absolutely reading three of these 10 Hottest Summer Fiction Books. And have my eye on a few more of them.


Compiled by librarians and teachers.
Please remember as you add resources: It was Latinx night at the bar, so let’s compile as many representative resources as we can.

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Scholastic is experimenting with a new multi-platform publishing program with the launch of the book series called Horizon.

The series will be part book series, part video game experience in which readers can test their own survival skills.

I feel like video games coming toward books feels more natural than books moving toward video games. But I can’t put my finger on why.

Undergraduates at Yale University have launched a petition calling on the English department to abolish a core course requirement to study canonical writers including Chaucer, Shakespeare and Milton, saying that “it is unacceptable that a Yale student considering studying English literature might read only white male authors”.

It is unacceptable. The history of Western literature to about 1800 is overwhelming white and male, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop at 1800 in an introductory course.


The dog days are over, and cool, crisp weather approaches. Spruce up your fall wardrobe with new lightweight scarves.