15 New Books by Black Authors to Dive Into This Summer and More Critical Linking

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Summer is just around the corner—and with it comes some time for a restful vacation. Whether you’re stuck on a crowded flight or relaxing on the beach, here are some stellar books published by black authors during the first half of 2016—just in time to take along with you for some exhilarating summer reading.

I felt my to-read list just grow.


Research published by the centre for research into reading, literature and society (Crils) at the University of Liverpool has found that while any reading helps sharpen the minds of older people, shared reading in groups offers particular benefits. Almost 90% of participants reported uplifted mood, better concentration and better long- and short-term memory.

Other benefits include reduced levels of agitation, while older people’s sense of connectedness to a wider community was also improved by taking part in reading groups. Participants said they gain insights into their own identity, as well as the world view of others. “Isn’t it funny? We come in with nothing and go out with all these thoughts,” says one reading-group member living with dementia, who took part in the research.According to further studies commissioned by NHS North West, poetry seems particularly beneficial. Its 2014 report, Read to Care, focused on poetry for reading groups – particularly for people living with dementia. It found that poetry engaged emotions and triggered memory, while the compressed and intense language offered an immediacy and impact different to prose. As part of the reseach, participants – even with those with severe dementia – were prompted to recall poetry learned by heart at school.

So often we hear about the benefits of books, libraries, and reading on children, but less frequently on the older members of our society. This is a nice piece.


If you’re in desperate need of a book to read this summer while you’re lounging on the beach (or on your bed), look no further. Here’s a list of 13 perfect reads for whatever mood you’re in, hitting book shelves this summer!

I’ve read a few of these 13 YA book recs, but a couple of them are new to me.



Deece27 bought 4,000 random books from Books by The Foot and fastened them to the wall by nailing each one to the book underneath followed by two nails angled into the wall.

Whoa. Really. Whoa.


Inevitably defined by big-budget, youth-targeted spectacles, summer always includes a complementary raft of less bombastic entertainments for those of us who like to keep our eyeballs un-singed. Fortunately, adaptations fall into both categories, and there is no shortage of either this summer. So Signature has collated its comprehensive list of all the films opening between May and August that have a literary basis or some real-life biographical/historical source. You can sort through the various goodies below, and plan accordingly.

Maybe there’s a movie or two here you want to plan to see this summer.

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