5 Rad Piano Covers by Sonya Belousova

If you haven’t been following Player Piano on YouTube lately, do yourself a favor and give them a subscribe. A lot of the music they cover has to do with video games (like Mario Bros. and Tetris), which I know many of our readers are into, but just so you can get a taste now, here are five absolutely amazing covers by their pianist, Sonya Belousova, that comics fans are probably familiar with.

Let’s start off with my main man, Batman. Did I mention Sonya cosplays for most of the main music videos? So rad. I love this. In terms of the choreography, and you’ll see what I mean as we go down, this one’s pretty tame. But it’s moody and perfect and I just love the variations.

This cover for The Walking Dead is more theatrical, and includes a surprise violinist. Huzzah to Eriko Tsuji, the zombie with the skills. I love all the different location shots here.

Let’s shift on over to the world of manga for a moment, and check out this Akira video. This one’s super cool, as the collaboration involves a cello (played by Eru Matsumoto) and a bunch of other beautiful nerds incorporating sounds. Cello is one of my favorite instruments (my absolute favorite being the piano)!

Next, we’ll head back to the West for another icon: Superman. Sonya always looks like she’s having a great time playing, but this theme makes me happy just listening to it, so I can only imagine it’s just extra fun to play, too.

To round things off, I’m going to take you to Duck Tales. Unlike the other covers, this doesn’t come from a film or animated adaptation, but from a video game adaptation featuring our favorite ducks. It’s a lovely song, and Sonya’s cover is delightful. Guaranteed joy in one listen.

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