19 Books You Wish Had Sequels: Today in Critical Linking

When we really love a novel, we can’t just let it go at “the end.”

Very rarely does a much anticipated sequel satisfy, but there are many books on this list of 19 Books You Wish Had Sequels that I would sure like to give a shot.

Perhaps what is so subversive is not just the aloneness of a woman at a bar reading a book, but the combination of her aloneness with her lack of interest in the men nearby.

Guys, just leave them alone. 

A children’s hospital in Bristol found itself faced with a magical mystery that had an unexpectedly bittersweet solution. And it just might be your feel-good moment of the week.

A small, unexpectedly moving story.

Excellent news for fans of Neal Stephenson’s excellent sci-fi novel: It’s being turned into a movie, courtesy of the creative team that brought Apollo 13 to life .

Good pairing.

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