Book Fetish: Volume 210

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Party Like a Book Nerd image featuring Walter Mosley, Charlie Jane Anders, and Valentine De Landro


Ombre Grammar Pencil Set: Make sure that, when you loan a #2 too to someone, their they’re using it properly.

ombre grammar pencil set

Lobster Tote Bag: In obscure, adorable tote bag news, this selection is based on the French poet Gérard de Nerval’s custom of taking his pet lobster, Thibault, on walks.

lobster tote bag

Fitzgerald Mug: Pretty script, pretty colors, famous line. What more do you want in a literary mug?

fitzgerald mug left


fitzgerald mug right

Defense Against the Dark Arts Coffee: How about some appropriately bookish coffee to fill it with?

dark arts coffee

My Best Defense Shirt: I only like fictional people.

book defense conversation shirt


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