First Reviews of HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD: Today in Critical Linking

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Reading the “Harry Potter” books was for so long a rite of passage for so many children (O.K., and adults), and the movies always felt like faithful adaptations that didn’t advance the plot. But this was something completely different, this sensation of coming to the story not alone in the corner with a book, but in a large theater in the company of some 1,400 other people.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child premiered last night in London. (Some spoilers in that link, so watch out).

The Lambda ceremony brought together over 500 attendees, sponsors, and celebrities to celebrate excellence in LGBT literature and 28 years of the groundbreaking literary awards. 

Check out the winners of this year’s Lambda literary awards.

Book Marks will showcase critics from the most important and active outlets of literary journalism in America, aggregating reviews from over 70 sources—newspapers, magazines, and websites—and averaging them into a letter grade, as well as linking back to their source.

LitHub launches a Rotten Tomatoes for books. 

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