The Week’s Most Popular Posts: May 30 – June 3, 2016

Let’s take a look back at the week that was, here on Panels:

What is it that has made Questionable Content so successful and so long-lasting? Imagine Friends set into a world that’s very much like our own, only with advanced AI, robotics, and other technology. Think Max Headroom: 20 minutes inito the future. Even though it’s something of an investment (a near-daily comic for over ten years runs to over a thousand installments), I think that it’s well worth reading. The hardcore can start at #1, back when the comic was about music gags and just two protagonists. The more more sensible place to start is at about #500, when the comic started to develop along different lines and became much more interesting. Here are five reasons you should dive into Questionable Content.

from 5 Reasons to Read Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques by Marcy Cook


Island magazine is finally monthly again, and in addition to the final part of Simon Roy’s space cannibal story “Habitat,” we’ll have the first Image Comics work by indie darling Michael DeForge (Ant Colony), as well as art by Night Air‘s Ben Sears and up-and-coming Spanish artist Xulia Vicente. If you haven’t been reading the best thing happening in comics for the past year, you should jump in!

from 5 Comics to Watch for in June 2016 by Jake Shapiro


Every month we’ve been tracking the most-subscribed books at Fantom Comics in Washington, DC, and today we’ll look at May, perhaps the beginning of the Black Panther era.

Remember these are only subscription numbers, not total sales, so it represents our regular customers rather than casual walk-ins. It means #1 issues are under-represented, as people tend to pick up the first issue off the rack before they subscribe to it. Also remember this list is measuring by number of subscribers, not revenue.

from Fun with Numbers: Top 10 Comics of May 2016 by Jake Shapiro


Being an X-Man is about being part of a family. It’s about having a home. It’s about taking what’s different about, taking that part of you that makes people stare at you in the street, and turning it into your greatest strength. It’s about finding a home and a family among people who experience that exactly same feeling and becoming something greater for it. It’s not about becoming a hero so much as realising that you’ve always been one.

from What The X-Men Movies Get Wrong About Being An X-Man by Alice W. Castle


You might have heard of Ryan North before, if you like things that are good and funny and cool. He wrote for Adventure Time, created Dinosaur Comics, and, I don’t know, writes THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL, only one of the best comics being serialized at the moment. He also wrote an amazing Shakespearean choose-your-own-adventure book based on Hamlet called To Be or Not To Be, and in June, he’s publishing a NEW choose-your-own-adventure book called Romeo and/or Juliet. We’re all very excited about this over here at Panels, and I had the chance to do a quick interview with him about the new book, working with the dreamy Erica Henderson, and whether or not everybody in Canada knows each other.

from Talking Romeo and/or Juliet with Ryan North by Hilary Lawlor


It’s 93°F outside as I write this, so I’m going to call it: it’s officially summer. Whether you’re working, studying, or have all the free time in the world, it’s the perfect season to kick back in a hammock and get some pleasure reading done. With that in mind, here’s a few great comics to enjoy during the hot months to come.

from 5 Comics to Celebrate the Start of Summer by Charlotte Reber

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