Sorting Literary Foursomes Into Hogwarts Houses

I have often marveled that the main trio in Harry Potter books, plus Neville, represent the four houses perfectly, despite all being in Gryffindor. Ron is a true Gryffindor, Hermione Ravenclaw, Neville Hufflepuff, and Harry Slytherin. (Interestingly, I do not think this works for the Marauders, thought MuggleNet disagrees with me.) So, working on the assumption that any story with four main characters can represent the four Hogwarts houses, I set out to prove my theory. Some of these were more obvious than others, but I think my theory holds up!

One thing I learned: maaaaan, the line between Slytherin and Gryffindor is razor-fine. Also: the group leader is most likely to be the Slytherin.

The Lion The Witch and The WardrobeThe Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Lucy: Hufflepuff
Edmund: Slytherin
Susan: Ravenclaw
Peter: Gryffindor

The Lord of the Rings (hobbits)
Frodo: Slytherin
Samwise: Gryffindor
Merry: Ravenclaw
Pippin: Hufflepuff


Little Women Louisa May AlcottThe Three Musketeers
Athos: Slytherin
Porthos: Gryffindor
Aramis: Ravenclaw
D’Artagnan: Hufflepuff

Little Women

Meg: Gryffindor
Jo: Slytherin
Beth: Hufflepuff
Amy: Ravenclaw


Bram Stoker DraculaBabysitters Club
Stacey: Ravenclaw
Claudia: Gryffindor
Kristy: Slytherin
Mary Anne: Hufflepuff

Dracula (Lucy and her suitors)
Quincey: Gryffindor
Dr. Seward: Ravenclaw
Arthur: Hufflepuff
Lucy: Slytherin


The Wonderful Wizard of OzThe Fantastic Four
Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic: Slytherin
Sue Storm/Invisible Woman: Ravenclaw
Johnny Storm/Human Torch: Gryffindor
Ben Grimm/The Thing: Hufflepuff

The Wizard of Oz
Dorothy: Slytherin
Scarecrow: Ravenclaw
Tin Woodman: Hufflepuff
Cowardly Lion: Gryffindor

Those four fit so perfectly that I think I’ll end there. Can you think of any others foursomes who fit the pattern (or who don’t)?

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