18 Books That Stay With You Your Entire Life: Today in Critical Linking

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These are the books you thrust at friends and family with the recommendation that they can’t miss out on the magic: books that stay with you for your entire life. Here are some of our favorite books that have stayed with us throughout the years, whose words have changed our lives.

These 18 Books That Stay With You Your Entire Life are mostly what you’d expect, with a couple of surprises.


But the researchers were surprised to find that, among kids who benefited from an extra year of school, those who grew up with more than 10 non-school books (that is, books they weren’t forced to read) at home eventually doubled that lifetime earning advantage, to 21%. Factors like whether the boys’ fathers had white-collar jobs, and whether their homes had running water, did not seem to make a difference.

So either just having the books or being the kind of kid who likes to read is the cause of this difference?

Isabel Allende, the celebrated Chilean American author of novels including “The House of the Spirits” and “Island Beneath the Sea,” will be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from PEN Center USA, the West Coast version of PEN, at its annual literary awards dinner in September.


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