10 Books That Will Make You a Better Person: Today in Critical Linking

They are not always hopeful, but they suggest that we might see ourselves clearly, or see our inability to see ourselves clearly clearly, that we might share private truths in public or find words for the fugitive shades of experience we value most, and in doing these things, they offered hope all the same.

I’ve never really been sure about reading as moral improvement, but these 10 Books That Will Make You a Better Person might do it.


Luckily for him, Showtime just picked up that TV series based on Jonathan Franzen’s 2015 novel Purity. Craig will star as Andreas Wolf, the charismatic head of a journalism-ish organization that’s kind of like WikiLeaks, in this adaptation of Franzen’s story of moral complexity and interweaving plotlines.

Here it is: the TV adaptation of Purity that nobody asked for.

As far as I know, Hughes never tried to publish “Seven People Dancing,” although he might have done so eventually, after revisions. 

Unpublished Langston Hughes story found. And published.

One of the most noticeable changes is that books are now the star of the page: we’ve increased the size of book covers and redesigned the updates feed to showcase books and provide more information about them.

Goodreads gets a bit of a makeover.

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