12 Things Readers Say to Their Friends: Today in Critical Linking

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So here’s a big shout out to all the friends of book-lovers who put up with us and our obsessions. And here are some of the things that every reader is guilty of saying to their friends.

This list of 12 Things Readers Say to Their Friends is a little too familiar…

Browsing The Ripped Bodice is an experience like none other — Bea and Leah show off two different sections of “cowboy”-themed novels. One is modern and one is historical, Bea explains. The store is divided in a way you can tell took just as much thought and consideration as the books within.

America’s only romance-only bookstore is open for business.

Audiobook sales rose 20% in the US last year, according to the Audio Publishers Association (APA).

If this kind of growth keeps up for a few more years, audiobooks might sell more than ebooks eventually.

I saw Ray less after the breakup of his marriage, his meeting Tess Gallagher and his battle with cancer. But I am so grateful that his last ten years were good years for him, “gravy” as he called them.

James Carver writes about his brother.

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