Unique New Bookstore Is Filled With Optical Illusions and More Critical Linking

A new bookstore has recently opened in Hangzhou, China, and the inside is kind of amazing to see.

Hyperbolic language like that always leaves me skeptical but here, it is not hyperbolic. This bookstore is INCREDIBLE looking.


In the wake of the fame the book has brought him, he has continued what he seems to view as a public mission to educate, and interviews and discussions with the writer frequently involve digressions on his sources of information, as well as the books that move and motivate him.

Read like Ta-Nehisi Coates. You’re guaranteed to get a little smarter.


Like joining a book club, doing things with other people gives you a reason, outside of yourself, to do things. We see it with friends and couples who work out together- they motivate each other to get to the gym or go to yoga at 6 a.m… before work.

Set aside reading time with a friend or loved one. Besides being a nice reason to hang out and/or cuddle (or not), it feels like you’re letting them down if you bail, and you end up letting yourself down in the process. Although guilt should definitely not be your motivation for reading, it could help. And you won’t be disappointed with the end result (more reading!)

Nothing Earth-shattering, but it is always nice to read a piece about getting more reading time into your life because sometimes, you need to know you’re not alone in not making it the priority you want it to be.


It seems like Tamara McNeil is on an impossible mission whenever she searches for books about black characters for her son, MJ, who recently turned one.

Visiting various bookstores and libraries to find books with main characters resembling her son became frustrating, McNeil told The Huffington Post. That’s when she realized if she was having this problem in Atlanta with a mostly black population, then others probably were, too.

McNeil decided to create a solution to this problem. Using her own money and resources, she bought roughly 1000 books and created Just Like Me!, a monthly subscription book box, which launched on Monday. 

Unfortunately, this is so sorely needed and mega kudos to McNeil for creating this. I hope parents, teachers, librarians, and others who work with young readers consider a subscription.

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