John Swinebeck and 25 Other Author Animal Puns

One of the best parts about working at a bookstore is the conversations between coworkers. Alternately thought-provoking and hilarious, they always help make the day go by faster. One ongoing discussion that I’ve been enjoying–apart from the perennial classics of “What’s everyone’s Harry Potter house?” and “Which part of the bookstore would fare best in the zombie apocalypse?”–is the competition of who can come up with the best author/animal name puns. Here are some of my favourites that I overheard!

Margaret Catwood

Jeff VanderMeercat

Sylvia Plathypus

Diana Crabaldon

Puma Chodron

Dr Phil Macaw

JK Fowling

Kate Moosse

Wren Follet

John Swinebeck

PG Woodlouse

Virginia Wolf

Charles Duckens

Umberto Gecko

J D Salamander

Albert Camule

Charlotte Brontesaurus

Jean M Owl




H G Whales

William Shakesbear

Edgar Mice Burroughs

Jack Bearouac

Stephen King Cobra

Veronica Sloth

Dan Brown Bear

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