10 Gorgeous Outdoor Reading Nooks

10 Gorgeous Outdoor Reading Nooks


Like most of us, I love a good reading nook.* And, now that the weather is (in theory) warming up, it’s time for outdoor reading! But how do you get the perfect reading area outdoors, with the best combo of sun (to warm you up) and shade (so you can actually see your book/e-reader)?

Feast your eyes on these amazing outdoor reading areas for some ideas.

cocoon1 reading area

This giant hamster ball is called the Cocoon 1, it comes with rearrangable foam pillows, (including a freaking sink) and I need it.


What’s better than the simple combo of a hammock and a table? (Source)

Jamie Durie pond swing

And then there’s the super-duper, deluxe reading hammock thingie.(Source)


porch swing reading

There’s this, for people who want to up their porch swing game. (Source)

porch reading hammock

Or maybe you like your hammocks on your porch. (Source)

reading shed

Remember the “she-shed“? This is the same thing, but with books. (Source)

outdoor library

Or you could go full outdoor library. (Source)

reading bunk

I approve of anything you have to climb into. (Source)

reading tent

Don’t have time to bang together a reading shed? Just pop out your tent and fill it with pillows. (Source)

new york public library lawn

Okay. I know. This is not a nook. It’s the New York Public Library’s and Queens’ Library’s library lawn on Governor’s Island. But just look at it! All you need is a shelf, some benches and a mowed lawn.


*Need more reading nooks? Here and here are some indoor nooks. And here are nooks for kids.

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