The Week’s Most Popular Posts: May 9-13, 2016

This post originally appeared on Panels, which is now Book Riot Comics

Let’s take a look back at the highlights of this week on Panels:

In her own way, Death helps the dead and the living by showing what we don’t pay attention to. When you’re dying, want to die, or dealing with someone dying, it is easy to lose sight of what makes life worth living. Neil Gaiman’s Death makes death a less lonely experience and makes life more valuable.

from Because I Could Not Stop For Death, I Bought a Graphic Novel by Latonya Pennington


In my interactions with young fans and reflecting on my own experiences, I have come up with four effective role reversals to transform the gatekeepers in all of us into gateways.

from Transforming Gatekeepers into Gateways by Thomas Maluck


I’m confident these fine ladies would thoroughly enjoy a good comic book. And hey, they’re a pretty open-minded bunch. I think they’d be willing to give them a shot.

But they’re tastes are pretty distinct, and to enjoy a comic they would each need something a bit different from the others.

Here are the comics I’d recommend for each of the Golden Girls.

from Comics Recommendations for The Golden Girls by Emily Wenstrom


When Marvel Studios first announced Captain America: Civil War, my excitement was tepid to say the least. I am not a fan of the original comic Civil War, and for me the announcement seemed more a threat than a promise. Yet, there I was on opening night, watching Captain America: Civil War with a theatre full of fans. And I loved it.

But why did I love the movie so much more than the book? Well, let me tell you…

from 6 Things that Made Me Love CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR More Than Comics CIVIL WAR by Charles Paul Hoffman


There are few things I love as much as going to a theme park and nobody does it quite as well as Disney. (Full disclosure: I’m a former Disney World intern and I’m terribly biased, but c’est la vie.) Since Disney now owns all the things we love, it wasn’t a big surprise when CEO Bob Iger announced that Disneyland and Disney World would be adding Star Wars-themed lands. Although there isn’t a firm opening date for the 14-acre expansions, construction is already underway.

What may surprise you is how far Disney has already gone to incorporate Star Wars into Tomorrowland. I recently visited Disneyland and was thrilled by the changes since I’d last made the trip to California.

from A Geek’s Guide to Disneyland by Kara Taylor Rea


While Noto and Hans both use an almost watercolor technique, full of soft lines and painterly qualities, Wu, not unlike Williams, uses bold black lines to emphasize action and strength. This style is used perfectly to reflect the rock and roll, riot girl, punk aesthetic that this latest iteration of the character of Black Canary embodies. Wu’s depiction of DD feels like violent sketches over stained glass: sharp, bright, and beautiful.

from The Art of Annie Wu by Keri Crist-Wagner

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